About Us

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Bill Pollard was raised in a typical Pentecostal religion, was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, and for many years Bill has been unlearning what he thought was God.  The signature event of Bill’s life was the touch of the Spirit experienced in times of refreshing in the 1990s.  The revelation of grace that he received during those days prepared him for the next phases of his ministry.  Bill and Alicia, his wife, have been in the Texas Panhandle since 2006 and at Canyon since 2013 We pastored in Wellington Texas for 2 years and now we are preparing to launch THE ENCOUNTER here in Canyon

40 years ago met Jesus while working at “The Cattleman” Magazine in Fort Worth Texas

30 years ago helped pioneer LIGHTHOUSE BIBLE COLLEGE MADANG PAPUA NEW GUINEA with the Australian Foursquare

20 years ago fed the homeless with DAILY BREAD MINISTRY

10 years ago we started Rivertree Resource then moved to the Panhandle




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Alicia Pollard’s life is the story of a trophy of grace with an emphasis on “those who have been forgiven much love much.”  She was raised a Catholic and had a praying grandmother who knew God had something special for her life.  With great sensitivity to the Spirit, Alicia easily moves from her role as an entrepreneur and Respiratory Specialist to a gifted prophetess of God.  TRULY BLESSED TO BE A BLESSOMG